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RW SGC Rainforest Rico Suave of GulfBeach

Rico Suave
(Photo by Helmi)

HCM Negative

Rico Suave is a wonderful sorrel boy bred by Jaen Treesinger of Rainforest. I have enjoyed every moment showing this stunning boy. He is a beautiful example of the breed. He exudes wild type, mesmerizing large nocturnal eyes, thick strong boning and a tshirt whited tummy

Rico Suave attained the title of Supreme Grand Champion in just a few adult shows. On Safari 2015 Rico Suave was awarded the 7th Best Adult and Breeders Choice Best Adult Whited Tummy.

His sire Junglekatz Joey Rico of Rainforest was awarded Best Kitten Whited Tummy at On Safari in 2013 as was his grandsire RW DGC Junglekatz Ocelot at On Safari 2010.


CH JungleKatz Joey Rico Of Rainforest
RW DGC JungleKatz Ocelot
JungleKatz Chunky Moto
CH Beechwood Artemisia
Simplysimes Twilight Of Junglekatz
CH Allaglow Moonfire Of Simplysimes
Katzjamr Ariel of Bluewater
Rainforest Rhianni
Rainforest Kinosabe
RW SGC Rainforest Wasabi
Rainforest Rimau Akara
RW SGC Rainforest Raining in My Heart
Rainforest Molokai
Awagati Grab Da Booty and Run

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(Rico Suave)


Kharistan Ice Cold Bear

Kharistan Ice Cold Bear

HCM Negative
PK- Def NN

Bear has a special place in my heart. Tori, the ALC was raised in Bears litter. Originally Bear had been purchased by another breeder. They graciously allowed Bear to be transported to Florida with the leopard cat. We wanted the move to be as stress free as possible, for both boys. It was quite impressive seeing the F4 and the ALC side by side. They share many of the same features. Several months after Bear went to his owner, I learned that  he needed to be rehomed. The lure of a typey  F4 boy was more than I could take. Nevermind  the fact that he wasn’t proven, and he was the wrong color. (I only breed for brown). Well, the gamble paid off. Bear is fertile. He is siring large, typey litters with both EG and SBT girls. Sadly, Bear really disliked being shown. Fortunately, his kittens do not. Bear’s offspring have dominated the show halls. He has sired multiple On Safari Best Cats,Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions !!!

CH Bengalspring Silver Bullet
CH Victory Bengals Steely
Pinyon Pride Bullet
Victorybengals Tailor Made
Bluewater IC Cold of Bengalsprings
Azanabengals Adonis of Akupella
Katzjamr Ariel of Bluewater
Kharistan Lady Asianna
Medoz Kissing Bandit of Kharistan
RW SGC Medoz Theif of My Heart
Medoz Faces of Eve
Epic Little Ryot of Kharistan
Legacie Straight Shooter of Epics
Callista Hoosier Hunny of Epics

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