From ALC to SBT
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About Bengals

TICA registers Bengals two different ways. The first 3 generations from the Asian Leopard Cat are registered in the Foundation Registry. From the 4th generation on, Bengals are registered in the Traditional Stud Book.

What Generation Is Right For You?

F1 Bengals – The F1 will range from 50% to 82% wild blood. They should be dripping in” wild type” Often they are confused with pure Asian Leopard Cats. The F1 will generally gravitate to one person and will enjoy the company of other pets. They crave stability and do best in a household without small children. They have a doglike personality, an inquisitive nature, and they love to play!! Most can be taught to walk on a harness, and all seem to love water.

F2 Bengals – The F2 will range from 25% – 50% wild blood. They should be very similar in size and appearance to the F1. A small percentage will have the personality of an F1. Most will be very social and will enjoy well behaved children. My 5 year old granddaughter has grown up with several F2’s.They will generally make a great pet with excellent litter box habits.

F3 Bengal – The F3 is a great choice for an all around family cat.F3’s of the highest quality will maintain most of the “wild type” of the F1 and F2.They have the most tractable personality, and will do well in most home situations. F3 females are in very high demand. The offspring of an F3 are registered as Stud Book Traditional. Making them eligible to compete at TICA shows.

SBT Bengals – SBT stands for Stud Book Traditional.F4 and later generations are all classified as SBT’s. They are considered purebred Bengals and domestic cats.